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Porcine collagen membrane Argonaut® Argonaut® is a long lasting, conformable barrier membrane that drapes easily for graft site contours. It has excellent strength and stability for optimal graft site protection. Argonaut® membrane is a completely resorbable collagen membrane produced from porcine pericardium in a standardized, controlled purification process and used to support guided tissue and bone regeneration, for covering implants, and for periodontal tissue regeneration. Because of the special structure and strong fiber-linking of the pericardium, Argonaut® membrane offers a naturally long barrier function without chemical cross-linking, allowing for predictable regeneration particularly of large defects [20–22]. Ideal for following indications In the context of sinus floor augmentation/support of the Schneiderian membrane In the context of alveolar ridge augmentation/reconstruction For the treatment of surgical bone defects, bone wall defects, defects around bone grafts and dental implants For the treatment of periodontal bone defects (one- to three-walled defects, furcation defects Class I and II) For filling extraction sockets for immediate or delayed implantation (socket preservation) Product features Naturally long barrier function Low thickness Excellent tear resistance Very good surface adaption Not sticky after rehydration Can be pinned or sutured 3-year shelf life Can be stored at room temperature SEM picture of Argonaut® at 1000-fold magnification 10| Biomaterials Product catalog 2024