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NovoMatrix® is an acellular dermal matrix derived from porcine tissue. In surgical application, the tear-resistant and easy-to-handle [26, 27] matrix is an excellent alternative to autologous connective tissue grafts (CTG). There is no need for an intraoral surgical donor site, which reduces morbidity for the patient. Owing to the manufacturing process, the matrix is free of donor cells. At the same time, the structure of the source tissue remains virtually unchanged, thus supporting the ingrowth of cells and micro-vessels. Proprietary tissue processing enables optimal cell repopulation and revascularization through gentle preparation, resulting in esthetic soft tissue regeneration [28]. NovoMatrix® is supplied pre-hydrated in a patented aqueous phosphate-buffered solution containing matrix stabilizers and can therefore be used promptly without requiring extensive rehydration [29]. Reconstructive Tissue Matrix NovoMatrix® Advantages of NovoMatrix® application Shorter surgery time The ready-to-use collagen matrix shortens surgery time by eliminating the need for a second donor site [30]. Lower patient morbidity Avoiding a donor site on the palate eliminates the post-operative pain associated with a second procedure [30–32]. Excellent tissue integration The application of NovoMatrix® supports rapid revascularization, cellular repopulation and minimal inflammatory reactions [28, 33–35]. Natural tissue and color structure The application of NovoMatrix® demonstrates irritation-free healing and very good adaptation of the color and tissue structure to the natural surrounding tissue [36]. Rapid and complication-free healing of soft tissue The application of NovoMatrix® supports a positive immunological reaction as well as tissue integration and regeneration [28, 34, 35, 37]. Ideal for following indications [29] Increase in attached tissue around teeth and implants Reconstruction of the alveolar ridge for prosthetic restoration Guided tissue regeneration in recession defects for root coverage Product features The LifeCell™ tissue preparation process results in rapid revascularization Consistent tissue thickness at all times Pre-hydrated – ready-to-use out of the package following a 2-minute soak in sterile saline or lactated Ringer’s solution [29] Store at –8 °C to +30 °C [29] Further information, videos and clinical case studies at Biomaterials Product catalog 2024 | 13