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The truFIX System, distributed by BioHorizons Camlog, offers you everything you need for the fixation of bone blocks and plates as well as the stabilization of membranes. This system incorporates all the necessary components to pick up and drive the truSCREW and truTACK. The truFIX system eliminates the need for multiple systems and unnecessary components, making it user-friendly for your practice. Bone fixation and membrane stabilization truFIX System Product features True centered patented locking connection True axial alignment with pickup each time truSCREW: self-drilling screw developed for easy insertion with maximum fixation truSCREW: patented Removal Sleeve for disengaging the screw from the driver without damaging screw head truTACK: hexagon driver head and barbed tip to pierce without drilling for simple tack insertion and easy screw-like removal Easy insertion and easy screw-like removal of the truTACK The truFIX System includes: 1 truFIX Tray (empty) 2 truFIX Driver Handle, 98 mm (3.875”) long 3 truTACK Driver Tip (includes blue Tip Cover) 4 truSCREW Driver Tip 5 truSCREW Driver Removal Sleeve 6 truSCREW Driver Tip, Contra-Angle 7 CA 2-Step Countersink Bur, 0.8 mm and 1.6 mm Steps 8 1.1 mm Pilot Twist Drill, 29.8 mm 9 Pilot Bur, 0.45 mm, 27 mm long, Contra Angle 10 External Hex Hand Driver, 0.88 mm 11 truSCREW Packaging Removal Tool (also available separately) Optional: truFIX Small Driver Handle, 89 mm (3.5”) long (sold separately) 2 3 4 6 5 7 8 9 10 11 1 Biomaterials Product catalog 2024 | 15