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2| Biomaterials Product catalog 2024 Biomaterials for hard and soft tissue regeneration Bone graft substitutes, membranes, Reconstructive Tissue Matrix and wound dressings The correct choice of biomaterials is crucial to achieve optimal clinical outcomes - in functional, structural and esthetic terms. Our portfolio of biomaterials offers you a comprehensive range of products for virtually all requirements needed for the regeneration of hard and soft tissue deficits. The product catalog provides a summary of our entire biomaterials portfolio. It serves as a guide and aid for the selection of suitable biomaterials. Our product portfolio includes allogeneic (human origin), xenogeneic (porcine and bovine origin) and synthetic bone substitute materials and membranes. Due to their structural properties and manufacturing processes, the materials differ in their resorption behavior as well as their handling. The allogeneic bone substitute material is an allograft made from human donor bone and is subject to high safety standards in the manufacturing process. The range of xenogeneic bone substitute materials is methodically processed from bovine or porcine bone and extensively tested to eliminate potential antigenicity and to provide a favorable environment for new bone growth. Synthetic bone substitute material offers an alternative to commercially available bone substitute materials and extends the treatment spectrum. In addition to bone substitute materials, our portfolio also includes membranes (of porcine and bovine origin as well as synthetic) as well as an acellular dermal tissue matrix of porcine origin. The collagen wound dressings round off our product portfolio. Clinically proven Partner of success Highest quality standards Novel solutions CE identification of the products Allogeneic Porcine Bovine synthetic