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4| Biomaterials Product catalog 2024 Porcine bone graft substitute MinerOss® XP MinerOss® XP is a porous bone mineral matrix consisting largely of calcium phosphate. It is obtained by removing organic components from cancellous bone of porcine origin. The inorganic MinerOss® XP bone matrix has macro- and microscopic structures which resemble those of human bone. Due to this trabecular architecture with interconnecting macro- and micropores, the ingrowth of new vessels and bone at the graft site is optimized. Product features Intra and interparticle space [6] – The highly porous structure of MinerOss® XP provides substantial space for the growth of new blood vessels and new bone – More intra and interparticular space is provided for osteoconduction and new bone formation than with comparable materials Rough surface facilitates cell adhesion and spread for bone in-growth [6] High volume fill per unit weight [6] Carbonate apatitie substitution promotes better osteoclastic remodelling than hydroxyapatite [7–10] Ideal for following indications Augmentation or reconstruction of the alveolar ridge Filling of intrabony periodontal defects Filling of defects after root resection, apicoectomy, or cystectomy Filling of extraction sockets for the protection and preservation of the alveolar ridge Sinus floor elevation Filling of periodontal defects in conjunction with products for guided tissue regeneration (GTR) or guided bone regeneration (GBR) Filling of peri-implant defects in conjunction with products for guided bone regeneration (GBR) SEM picture of MinerOss® XP at 25-fold magnification – macropores andmicropores resemble human bone.