CAMLOG® Titanium bases CAD/CAM

Custom-made restorations Efficient digital workflow Fully digital to the finished restoration with CAMLOG® Titanium base CAD/CAM - from intraoral scanning with the CAMLOG® Scanbody or CAMLOG® Scanpost through to the fabrication of customized abutments/mesostructures or anatomically shaped individual crowns. New: Titanium base CAD/CAM free – flexible solution for the angled screw channel Axis correction possible up to 25° vertically and 35° horizontally Anti-rotation protection for precise bonding of the ceramic crown Two different chimney heights (4.7 and 6.5 mm) One channel geometry for all implant diameters (except Ø 5.0 mm) Roughened bonding surface Improved esthetics in the anterior tooth region and simplified access to the screw channel in case of limited space If the "captured screw" method is used, make sure that the final abutment screw used for definitive fixation has been inserted before bonding. Patient-friendly scanning option Regardless of system – with the CAMLOG® Scanbody Reusable scanbody Independent of closed manufacturing systems System-specific - with the CAMLOG® Scanpost for the Sirona® Scanbody* Precise fit of the Sirona® Scanbody on the scanpost Integration of the implant into the Sirona® workflow (incl. access to fully compatible material blocks) Chairside fabrication possible Flexible workflows depending on the degree of digitization Burns residue free and can be shortened to a custom length Inner design takes the optimal bonding gap to the titanium base into account for casting or molding techniques Various processing methods: – Scanning a wax-up prepared on the modeling aid – Cast/mold processing of the modeling aid User-friendly processing in the laboratory with the CAMLOG® Bonding aid* Easy to screw by hand with lab analogs Prevents the flow of bonding material into the screw channel when bonding the prosthetic restoration Prevents damage to the screw channel when sandblasting the titanium base CAD/CAM * not for titanium base CAD/CAM free