CONELOG® Product Catalog

112 | CONELOG® Product Catalog 2023 Screw overview Abutment and prosthetic screws – intraoral use Implant-abutment connection Ø 3.3 mm Ø 3.8 mm Ø 4.3 mm Ø 5.0 mm M1.6 M2.0 Article CONELOG® Abutment screws Tightening torque Scanbodies ScanPost for Sirona® Scanbody 8.9 mm C4005.1601 8.9 mm C4005.2001 handtight** Temporary abutments titanium, crown and bridge Esthomic® Abutments 20 Ncm* Universal abutment Telescope abutment Gold-plastic abutment Logfit® Abutment Vario SR abutments, 20° and 30° angled CONELOG® CAM blank, type IAC and ME CONELOG® Abutment screws for titanium base CAD/CAM, anodized dark purple Titanium base CAD/CAM, crown and bridge 8.9 mm C4015.1601 8.9 mm C4015.2001 20 Ncm* CONELOG® Vario SR abutment screws Vario SR abutment, straight 10.6 mm C4007.1600 10.6 mm C4007.2000 20 Ncm* CONELOG® Abutment screws with reduced head, light blue anodized COMFOUR® Bar abutments, 17° and 30° angled 7.8 mm C4004.1601 7.8 mm C4004.2001 20 Ncm* * with torque wrench J5320.1030 ** optional for temporary abutments titanium: torque after completed healing phase 20 Ncm All screws must be retightened with the corresponding torque after at least 5 minutes!