CONELOG® Product Catalog

Index CONELOG® Product Catalog 2023 | 121 G Gingiva height indicator, straight 76 Gold-plastic abutment 74 Guide System dense bone drill PROGRESSIVE-LINE 32 Guide System form drill for Ø 3.8 mm underpreparation 32 PROGRESSIVE-LINE Guide System form drill PROGRESSIVE-LINE 31 Guide System form drill SCREW-LINE cortical bone 47 Guide System gingiva punch PROGRESSIVE-LINE 31 Guide System gingiva punch 47 Guide System guiding sleeve PROGRESSIVE-LINE 32 Guide System guiding sleeve 47 Guide System pilot drill PROGRESSIVE-LINE 31 Guide System pilot drill set 46 Guide System pre-drill PROGRESSIVE-LINE 31 Guide System pattern for surgery wash tray 30 CAMLOG®/CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE Guide System surgery set SCREW-LINE 46 Guide System surgery tray CAMLOG®/CONELOG® 30 PROGRESSIVE-LINE Guide System surgery wash tray CAMLOG®/CONELOG® 30 PROGRESSIVE-LINE Guiding pin for bone profiler 50 H Handle for CAMLOG®/CONELOG® Implant analog 92 Healing cap for bar abutment 76 Healing caps 62 I Implant analog 66 Implant cover screw 62 I Implants for practice 96 Implants CONELOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE Promote® plus 21 CONELOG® SCREW-LINE Implant, Promote® plus 38, 39 Impression cap for bar abutment, closed tray 76 Impression cap for impression post, closed tray 65 Impression posts PS 67 Impression posts 65 Insertion aid 54 Insertion post, screw-mounted 96 Insertion tool for ball abutment 88 Insertion tool for impression posts and healing 76, 89 caps for bar abutments Insertion tool for Locator® 89 Insertion tool for screw implants 52 Insertion tool for straight bar abutments 88, 89 L Lab analog 66 Lab prosthetic screw for bar abutment 78 Lab screw for CONELOG® Titanium base CAD/CAM 69 Lab screw with reduced head 78 Lab screw, hex 87 Lamella retention insert 81 Locator R-Tx® Abutment 82 Locator R-Tx® Analog 82 Locator R-Tx® Impression cap 82 Locator R-Tx® Insertion tool for replacement males 90 Locator R-Tx® Processing replacement male 83