CONELOG® Product Catalog

Prosthetics CONELOG® Product Catalog 2023 | 71 Accessories for CAM titanium blanks, type IAC * Type IAC F or the milling process, the CAM titanium blank, type IAC is fixated to the implant-abutment connection via the CONELOG® Collet for CAM blanks. The machine-specific holders and adapters for the collet as well as the milling strategies are to be provided by the user. Article Art. No. CONELOG® Collet for CAM blank, type IAC* Ø 6 mm, length 17 mm, incl. 2 fixing screws for CAM blank, type IAC Material Stainless steel C3720.3300 3.3 mm C3720.4300 3.8 mm 4.3 mm C3720.5000 5.0 mm