CONELOG® Product Catalog

74 | CONELOG® Product Catalog 2023 Article Art. No. Dimension CONELOG® Universal abutment preparable, incl. abutment screw Material Titanium alloy C2211.3300* 3.3 mm - C2211.3800 3.8 mm C2211.4300 4.3 mm C2211.5000 5.0 mm 11 mm Article Art. No. Noble metal weight CONELOG® Gold-plastic abutment cast-on, incl. abutment screw Material Cast-on gold alloy / POM C2246.3300* 3.3 mm approx. 0.31 g C2246.3800 3.8 mm approx. 0.36 g C2246.4300 4.3 mm approx. 0.36 g C2246.5000 5.0 mm approx. 0.55 g 11.7 mm Universal abutments Cemented crown and bridge restoration Gold-plastic abutment Cemented crown and bridge restoration * only for crown restorations in the region of the upper lateral and lower lateral and central incisors (Ø 3.3 mm not for double crown restorations)