Patient Advice Sheets

Fixed Implant Restorations M-0584-FLY-EN-INT-BHCL-00-052023 Single-tooth replacement Single-tooth gap Implant-borne bridge Larger gap (with adjacent teeth) Single crowns on several implants Free-end situation (shortened tooth row)

Removable Implant Restorations Edentulous mandible with four implants Edentulous mandible Fixation with press-stud fasteners (Locators) Fixation with ball anchors Fixation with a bar Fixation with double crowns M-0584-FLY-EN-INT-BHCL-00-052023

Course of an Implant Restoration A hole is drilled with a special drill at the implant position. Exposure of the jaw bone Molding of the gingiva after healing Osseointegration of the inserted implant Reconstruction of a tooth gap with implant, abutment and crown Insertion of the implant abutment and a crown M-0584-FLY-EN-INT-BHCL-00-052023

Bone Augmentation in Mandible and Maxilla Elevation of the maxillary sinus mucosa in case of bone deficit Insufficiently wide bone must be built up. Bone augmentation in the maxilla (sinus floor elevation) After implantation, bone substitute material is deposited. Implant restoration after sinus floor elevation Complete regeneration of the bone substitute M-0584-FLY-EN-INT-BHCL-00-052023

Fixed dentures with COMFOUR® Four implants placed to hold a fixed denture Edentulous lower jaw Angular placed implant takes into account the emergence of the nerve in the lower jaw Enlargement of the load area COMFOUR® Restoration in the upper and lower jaw Consideration of the anatomical structure such as the maxillary sinus M-0584-FLY-EN-INT-BHCL-00-052023

Soft tissue build-up Gingiva recession and exposed necks of teeth Gingiva deficit around implant site Covering of the exposed tooth necks with the help of tissue replacement Thickening of the gingiva with tissue replacement Harmonious course of the gingival garland Stable and anatomical contour of the implant-bearing structures M-0584-FLY-EN-INT-BHCL-00-052023