Edentulous Patient Flyer

Living without teeth? Modern solutions for a better quality of life

Are you living life to the fullest? Edentulism is a serious condition that diminishes your quality of life. Millions of people suffer from tooth loss for various reasons such as illness, genetics, accidents, and inadequate dental hygiene. Losing your teeth can lead to poor nutrition, as it becomes challenging to eat a broad, balanced diet. Individuals who have teeth missing or who wear loose dentures frequently report feeling self-conscious in public or on social occasions. This can lead to hiding from the public gaze, especially around mealtimes where they feel unable to enjoy the food or participate fully when sharing a meal with others. Tooth loss leads to bone loss, which alters the shape of the face. Without the stimulating effect of teeth chewing on the jawbone, it contracts. This visibly shrinks the lips and jawline making you appear older. Without teeth the jawbone continues to recede. As a result the fit of loose dentures continues to change and requires messy adhesives and repeated adjustments to retain stability. Without a secure placement dentures wobble and shift causing abrasion, making it difficult to eat many foods and even affecting speech.

Dentures are not the only answer False teeth have been around for millennia. Humans have fashioned all sorts of materials together in an attempt to eat in order to survive. Over the centuries they have been made of everything from bone to wood, that resulted in ill-fitting, painful, noisy tooth substitutes. Things improved in the last century with the advent of resins. Conventional dentures can now be made to look very natural. Fit and function have been improved, but they fall short of natural teeth. A full denture affects speech and taste, and though it restores the ability to chew, it does nothing to retain the bone.

Smile broadly, speak confidently and eat freely Enjoy life to the fullest thanks to modern implant solutions. Implant-based full mouth restorations combine the optimum aesthetics of loose dentures with the additional stability and comfort that allows you to chew your food with confidence. Gone are adhesives, impaired taste, slipping, abrasion, clicking and awkward speech. And they are more attractive than conventional dentures. Advantages of modern implants Full jaw Implant solutions are completely secure and stable Comfortable, with a natural look and feel Made of safe, tested biocompatible materials that fully bond with the jawbone Restore complete chewing function Preserve bone and facial structure Allow you to speak, eat and smile with confidence Normal taste is unimpaired Will last a lifetime with proper care

A custom-made solution to restore your quality of life Each restoration is custom-made and securely attached to an implant system. It is also carefully shaped and colored for the most natural look. Ask your dentist for the right solution for you. Below is an introduction to the three more popular options. Snap-in overdentures on implants provide stable versatility. They easily snap into two or more implant posts and are completely secure. They are easily removed for cleaning and are a cost-effective option. Fixed dentures on implants offer absolute comfort and security by permanently attaching a denture onto implants. The look and feel is completely natural. Your dentist can remove them periodically for maintenance. Snap-in overdentures on an implant bar. When added stability is needed a dental bar is installed on two or more implants. This creates a solid foundation. For cleaning and maintenance, you dentist can easily remove the denture for you.

Blindtext Please visit www.biohorizonscamlog.com for more information. All rights reserved.M-0448-FLY-EN-INT-BHCL-00-072021 Important Notice. The information provided here is intended as an overview of routine dental crown and implant procedures. Because each patient is unique, so are their treatment plans. Timing, cost and delivery of care will be customised to suit an individual’s situation. Each care provider employs their own experience, and preferred techniques in treatment, and they may suggest alternatives or variations, which are not included in this leaflet. Special information on immediate implant procedures. For this technique, a tooth is removed, and an implant is immediately placed into the extraction site. Depending on the local bone and soft-tissue conditions, the implant surgery may be a one- or two-stage procedure. This approach is not indicated for all cases nor all patients. Local representative Tailoring a solution for you Your dentist best placed to answer any questions you may have about implant solutions and for information on BioHorizons Camlog products. In addition, you can visit our website at www.biohorizonscamlog.com.