Patient flyer: Single tooth

An attractive smile reflects a healthy life Attractive, natural-looking teeth help us look and feel our best. They allow us to enjoy the foods we love and to feel naturally confident where it really counts; at home, at work, on the playing field or while enjoying leisure time with friends. Today, modern dental restorations help thousands of people improve their lives. With the latest technologies and materials, individual teeth – or even an entire row of teeth – can be replaced to restore a natural-looking appearance and function. We invite you to learn more about the many options available. Ask your dentist about regaining a natural, self-confident smile. Tailoring a solution for you Your dentist best placed to answer any questions you may have about implant solutions and for information on BioHorizons Camlog products. In addition, you can visit our website at Important Notice. The information provided here is intended as an overview of routine dental crown and implant procedures. Because each patient is unique, so are their treatment plans. Timing, cost and delivery of care will be customised to suit an individual’s situation. Each care provider employs their own experience, and preferred tech- niques in treatment, and they may suggest alternatives or variations, which are not included in this leaflet. Special information on immediate implant procedures. For this technique, a tooth is removed, and an implant is immediately placed into the extraction site. Depending on the local bone and soft-tissue conditions, the implant surgery may be a one- or two-stage procedure. This approach is not indicated for all cases nor all patients. Please visit for more information. All rights reserved.M-0446-FLY-EN-INT-BHCL-00-072021 Local representative Are you missing a tooth? Smile again with modern dental solutions