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2| Biomaterials Product news 2021 New products in the portfolio CeraOss®, SynMax®, Argonaut® and PermaPro™ The right choice of biomaterials is crucial to optimise the clinical outcomes and to achieve favourable functional, structural and esthetic results. This overview is intended to provide a short summary to guide the selection of barrier membranes and bone graft materials in oral rehabilitation. CeraOss® Granules and SynMax® Granules deliver choices to clinicians by providing exceptionally high-quality pure bone mineral of bovine origin and a synthetic alternative to human bone graft materials. These products are indicated for use in bone repair, in procedures such as augmentation or reconstructive treatment of the alveolar ridge and filling of periodontal defects. Additionally, they are suitable for use in conjunction with products intended for Guided Tissue Regeneration and Guided Bone Regeneration and for horizontal and vertical augmentation, ridge preservation, socket preservation, bone defect augmentation, periodontal intrabony defects as well as furcation defects (class I and II). Argonaut® and PermaPro™ membranes are intended for use in oral surgical procedures as e. g. augmentation procedures around implants placed in immediate extraction sockets as well as delayed extraction sockets. Furthermore, they can be used in horizontal/vertical augmentation, fenestration and dehiscence defects, intraosseous defects (1 to 3 walls) as well as furcation defects (class I and II). Clinical proven Partner of success Quality standards Novel solutions