SynMax® bone graft substitute and PermaPro® membrane

SEM analysis and histological structure of SynMax® Physicochemical properties of suitable bone grafts SEM analyses of SynMax® demonstrate a very rough surface and a matrix of interconnected pores with a very high porosity of approx. 80 %. The interconnected pores of SynMax® provide an ideal network of cavities for the ingrowth and migration of cells and blood vessels, thus promoting the formation of new vital bone. SEM analysis of PermaPro® Engineered for open healing Impervious to bacteria: dense structure, reduced bacterial attachment, efficient barrier against bacterial and cellular penetration SEM picture of PermaPro® at 30-fold magnification. SEM picture of SynMax® at 1000-fold magnification, showing microporous structure. SEM picture of SynMax® at 100-fold magnification, showing macroporous structure. Histological structure of SynMax® – homogenous bi-phasic composition 60 % hydroxyapatite (HA) and 40 % beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP). Every particle is composed of HA and β-TCP. HA (hydroxyapatite) β-TCP (beta-tricalcium phosphate)