BioHorizons Tapered HD surgical system

shop online at tapered implant family restorative ease 45° conical internal hex connection is color-coded for quick identification and component matching connective tissue attachment uniquely creates a physical connective tissue attachment bone attachment Laser-Lok ® microchannels retain crestal bone optimized threadform buttress thread engineered for superior stability over microthreaded implants The Tapered Internal family of dental implants provide excellent primary stability, maximum bone maintenance and soft tissue attachment for predictable results. All implants can be placed with the same instrument kit giving you surgical convenience and flexibility to choose the ideal implants for each patient’s needs.* universal surgical kit intuitive color-coded instrumentation used to place all BioHorizons Tapered implants* * Tapered Pro, Tapered Plus, Tapered 3.0, Tapered Tissue Level and Tapered Internal