truFIX System

truTACK, truSCREW and truTENT Bone Tacks, Self Drilling Bone Screws and Tenting Screws High strength surgical grade titanium alloy (6Al-4V ELI) Smooth beveled seating neck Patented spline driver recess Collar available in three different heights (4.0, 6.0 and 8.0 mm; 6.0 mm shown) 1.6 mm collar thickness Self-drilling thread design Tapered thread for strength Full form thread for maximum stability Twin-offset cutting flutes for quick and easy insertion Pin point tip for tissue penetration truSCREW Head Ø 3.0 mm (available in different diameters and lengths) truTENT Head Ø 5.0 mm (available in different collar heights) Hex head driver Smooth beveled seating neck Thread for easier removal Anchor collar to grab and secure tack in place Barbed tip to pierce without pre-drilling truTACK Head Ø 2.5 mm (available in different lengths) The truTACK makes the stabilization of membranes quick and troublefree. Our unique tack incorporates a hexagon on its head and threads on its shaft, allowing for easy removal. The truTACK is placed like a tack and removed like a screw, a feature that you will not find in any other system. The truSCREW, with its aggressive cutting flutes, is the ideal bone screw for the fixation of small bone within the oral and maxillofacial environment. These cutting flutes (in most instances) eliminate the need for any pre-drilling. The patented design of the screw ensures an effortless insertion into all types of bone. The truTENT is a refinement of the truSCREW. Its raised collar and wider head is designed to support a membrane or titanium mesh during augmentation procedures.