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6| Biomaterials Product catalog 2024 Bovine bone graft substitute CeraOss® CeraOss® is a 100% pure bone mineral of bovine origin manufactured by a unique 1200 °C production process. Its three-dimensional porous network enables a fast penetration and adsorption of blood and serum proteins and serves as a depot for proteins and growth factors. The unique processing ensures maximum safety and leads to an exceptionally high purity of CeraOss®, providing highest volume stability of the augmentation site [13–15]. SEM picture of CeraOss® at 5000-fold magnification showing microporous structure. Ideal for following indications Alveolar ridge augmentation/reconstruction Filling of bone defects (including after root resection, apicoectomy or cystectomy) Filling of extraction alveoli to support alveolar ridge preservation Sinus lift procedure Filling of periodontal bone defects Filling of extraction sockets as part of immediate implantations Filling of peri-implant bone defects Product features 100% pure natural bone mineral Human-like bone structure Rough, hydrophilic surface Highest volume stability Easy handling