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Synthetic bone graft substitute SynMax® SynMax® is a fully synthetic, safe and biocompatible material that, when brough into an osseous environment, serves as an osteoconductive scaffold to support the ingrowth and fusion of adjacent, vital bone. It‘s composed of 60% hydroxyapatite and 40% betatricalcium phosphate. After implantation the material undergoes a natural remodeling and is gradually resorbed and replaced by new bone. SynMax® is a bone graft material that provides clinicians and their patients with an ideal alternative to human allograft and animal origin bone graft material [16–18]. Ideal for following indications Sinus lift Ridge augmentation Intraosseous defects Extraction sockets Osseous defects Furcation defects Product features 100% synthetic, no risk of disease transmission, high safety Controlled resorption due to biphasic composition Very rough surface and high porosity supports integration and bone formation SEM picture of SynMax® at 1000-fold magnification showing microporous structure. Biomaterials Product catalog 2024 | 7