Imageflyer Striate+™

The Striate+™ collagen membrane is mostly used in combination with bone substitute material or the patient's own bone. It is an effective barrier to allow bone regeneration in the space of the defect. The rough surface acts as an optimal guide to generate a stable bone volume of better quality 2. Striate+™ is fully resorbed after approximately 26 weeks. Among other things, Striate+™ is characterized by high tensile strength and tear resistance as well as adaptability during handling 1. Advantages when using Striate+™ Easy handling and shorter treatment times 3 Supports bioactive compartments new bone growth integration of the membrane at the repair site 4 3 Non-cross-linked acellular type I collagen Does not cause any abnormal inflammatory response 1 Easy handling Adapts easily to the bone surface, does not collapse when hydrated Bilayer membrane structure Two different surface structures Dense barrier layer Prevents the infiltration of gingival cells while allowing penetration of bioactive molecules and proteins 1. Bioactive compartments Enable early integration of bone-forming cells and provide a favorable environment for osteogenesis 1. 4 Orientation of the soft tissue cells