Edentulous Patient Flyer

Are you living life to the fullest? Edentulism is a serious condition that diminishes your quality of life. Millions of people suffer from tooth loss for various reasons such as illness, genetics, accidents, and inadequate dental hygiene. Losing your teeth can lead to poor nutrition, as it becomes challenging to eat a broad, balanced diet. Individuals who have teeth missing or who wear loose dentures frequently report feeling self-conscious in public or on social occasions. This can lead to hiding from the public gaze, especially around mealtimes where they feel unable to enjoy the food or participate fully when sharing a meal with others. Tooth loss leads to bone loss, which alters the shape of the face. Without the stimulating effect of teeth chewing on the jawbone, it contracts. This visibly shrinks the lips and jawline making you appear older. Without teeth the jawbone continues to recede. As a result the fit of loose dentures continues to change and requires messy adhesives and repeated adjustments to retain stability. Without a secure placement dentures wobble and shift causing abrasion, making it difficult to eat many foods and even affecting speech.