Edentulous Patient Flyer

A custom-made solution to restore your quality of life Each restoration is custom-made and securely attached to an implant system. It is also carefully shaped and colored for the most natural look. Ask your dentist for the right solution for you. Below is an introduction to the three more popular options. Snap-in overdentures on implants provide stable versatility. They easily snap into two or more implant posts and are completely secure. They are easily removed for cleaning and are a cost-effective option. Fixed dentures on implants offer absolute comfort and security by permanently attaching a denture onto implants. The look and feel is completely natural. Your dentist can remove them periodically for maintenance. Snap-in overdentures on an implant bar. When added stability is needed a dental bar is installed on two or more implants. This creates a solid foundation. For cleaning and maintenance, you dentist can easily remove the denture for you.