SynMax® bone graft substitute and PermaPro® membrane

Ideal for the following indications – regeneration and augmentation The aim of any tissue regeneration technique, and bone grafting in particular, is to achieve formation of living and reactive tissue able to undergo a sustained state of remodelling to maintain the mechanical and the biologic function over time. The use of bone augmentation techniques is frequently required prior to the placement of dental implants under unfavourable local conditions when the native bone volume is insufficient, for example following bone atrophy, periodontal disease, tooth extraction, or trauma. SynMax® – synthetic resorbable bone graft substitute Sinus lift Ridge augmentation Intraosseous defects Extraction sockets Osseous defects Furcation defects PermaPro® – synthetic non-resorbable PTFE membrane PermaPro® is a temporarily implantable membrane for use as a spacecreating barrier in GBR and GTR. Socket and ridge preservation (open healing) Horizontal/vertical ridge augmentation Fenestration and dehiscence defects Intraosseous defects (1 to 3 walls) Regeneration of extraction sockets Filling the socket with SynMax® in combination with PermaPro® membrane regenerates bone and so retains the volume and shape of the bone over time. Regeneration of periodontal osseous defects A tooth with a good prognosis can be retained by regenerating lost bone, with the support of biomaterials such as SynMax® in combination with PermaPro® membrane. Preference for PermaPro® over a collagen membrane Higher form stability Augmentation outside the ridge contour Synthetic nature – no religious or dietary conflicts Exposure – situations where primary wound closure is not desired (indication dependent)