SynMax® bone graft substitute and PermaPro® membrane

Product properties of SynMax® and PermaPro® SynMax® – synthetic resorbable bone graft substitute 100 % synthetic, no risk of disease transmission, high safety Controlled resorption due to biphasic composition Very rough surface and high porosity supports integration and bone formation PermaPro® – synthetic non-resorbable PTFE membrane 100 % synthetic PTFE barrier membrane Ultra-thin (~0.08 mm) Impervious to bacteria due to dense structure Easily removable due to minimal tissue ingrowth into the surface structure No need for primary soft tissue closure (indication-dependent) [3, 4] Easy recovery thanks to blue color Rounded edges for minimal tissue trauma Easy fixation with sutures or pins SynMax® is also extremely suitable for use in combination with platelet concentrates/L-PRF, since its material characteristics allow excellent binding and release kinetics of signaling molecules/growth factors.